Weekly massages with AR are anticipated with big smiles in our house. Her instinctive and magical touch is fabulous. She has the ‘feel’ for the body….what it wants and what it needs! This can’t be taught; it’s a gift!!  Tom & Jane

Fabulous! Feels so clean on my face. Lasts all day. LOVE shopping local!  Sally K

The ONLY lotion I will use! And my kids love it.  Whitney

The only cream that stays moist all day long.  Olivia

It made my skin soft all day.  Helped with my child’s dry skin.  Addison

Beach Baby:  loved the consistency; easy to rub in; smell is nice, but not overwhelming.

We found that Sun Valley Remedies lotion was the only lotion that cleared up our grandkid’s eczema.  We also use it during the summer months to keep our skin glowing.  Lea Stone

Absolutely Fabulous!  Cleared up my son’s eczema 🙂  Barbara Dembergh

AMAZING stuff…super hydrating!!  Slapsen

The Muscular Blend really works!  Teresa

Great gifts and necessary in this dry climate.  Nicky Clayton

The only thing that has ever worked for my husbands arthritis!  Awesome!   I also love the Sistas Citrus.  Sherburne

I LOVE the muscular blend.  I love the smell (deep & earthy!) and the feel ~  silky & moisturizing without being greasy.  It works especially well on my feet during our dry hot summer.  LOVE IT!  Colleen

I love the nourishing & uplifting lotions.  In fact, I look forward to replenishing my supply on my annual/biannual visits from Hawaii.  Mahalo!  Melody

Love, love, love these products.  My Male cousin, who is allergic to most face creams is able to tolerate, enjoy, and thrive on the “peace & happiness”.  Alison’s product is not greasy, nor “drying”, and stays on all day!  My favorite is the Sistas Citrus & my NYC sista wears it daily!  Sally

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