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Energizing - Jojoba

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The spicy & cool smell of Peppermint, along with the deep, sweet, and forgiving aroma of Frankincense, meet up with the zingy, bright and cheeriness of Lemon.  Together these oils create a long-lasting aromatherapy blend that won't quit.  The effects are both strong and mellow.  Try adding this to your morning routine, or to prevent a midday slump.


Mornings are much more fun when met with an inviting aroma.  Our aromatherapy combination is sure to compliment your morning coffee and aid in preventing a midday slump.  Our aromatherapy blend is strong, as well as subtle.  The Peppermint & Lemon will keep you feeling fresh, while the Frankincense works in the background to keep calmness.



-it is the #1 oil used to promote brain focus 

-improves mental function and reduces stress

-combats fatigue, while increasing focus, energy, and stamina

-aids in brightening your overall mood, day, and your life


-stimulates the immune system and promotes cellular health 

-reduces stress and improves function of respiratory system

-anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties aid in overall skin health

-the anti inflammatory benefits crossover into the brain, by aiding in memory & focus


 -eases anxiety and depression, and brings positive energy 

-fights exhaustion, and is a powerful mental stimulant

-combats mental fatigue, while increasing efficiency & productivity

-prevents sun damage and reduces wrinkles