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Men dig it too!

Alison, I discovered your skin creams a long time ago while on a visit to Sun Valley.  I've been using it ever since. My all around favorite is the Sistas Citrus but keep some Beach Baby for trips to Hawaii or the Bahamas.  I come from Alaska and arrive in the sun looking a polar bear.  Hopefully...

Gifts for myself!

I purchased 5 different creams for Christmas gifts and ended up keeping 4 of them! Sorry to my sisters!

Great for travel!

I love your products!  I take your oil on vacations.  It takes good care of my skin, smells great, perfect size for travel, no need for lotion or other skin products. Thanks!

Pat W

The Creamy Lotion is one of the best things I’ve used on my dry skin.  It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, smells wonderful, and DELIVERS!!  Give it a try.  You’ll be hooked.