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Chillaxin' - Jojoba

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Upon the first smell of this warm aromatherapy blend, it is noticeable how quickly your stress abates. The familiar and gentle floral aroma of lavender, combined with the warmth and seductiveness of ylang-ylang, along with the citrusy cheerfulness of mandarin, create a calming, grounding, and uplifting blend. It's also a great addition to your nightstand to aid in falling (back) asleep.



-improves quality & quantity of sleep, and diminishes bouts of insomnia

-soothing & calming effect on mood, stress, anxiety, along with reducing depression

-anti inflammatory properties aid in healing of skin wounds 

-antioxidant qualities help our aging skin stay soft & supple 

-antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties benefit the overall health of the skin

-aphrodisiac properties are subtle, and are always welcome to help us "get in the mood"

Ylang Ylang

-the chemical composition of this flower is known to make people feel calm and aiding in the overall health of the nervous system

-by reducing depression, alleviating anxiety, and the general uplifting aroma, ylang ylang is able to promote an overall positive environment

-the sensual aroma boosts the libido, resulting in potent aphrodisiac qualities

-sedative qualities are proven to lower blood pressure


-sweetest & most calming citrus oil, and aids in grounding for deep rest

-by reducing feelings of irritation, anger, and anxiety, Mandarin promotes a calming, relaxing, and peaceful environment

-uplifting, playful, and sprightliness promote our innocent childlike self

-anti inflammatory & antispasmodic qualities promote increased circulation and physical comfort

-anti bacterial & anti fungal properties keep the skin looking and feeling healthy

-antioxidant & great skin toning qualities brighten the skin, prevents acne, reduces oily skin & unclogs pores, and minimizes wrinkles


The stage is set.  The actors will seduce you into sleep.  The lovely floral and familiar fragrance of lavender, and the sweet seductiveness of ylang ylang, are matched up with calming cheeriness of mandarin.  Your slumber will be filled with feelings of safety, calm, lightness, and cheer.