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Smarty Pants - Creamy Lotion

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The sharp sassiness of peppermint, and spicy warmth of ginger, along with the earthy lightness of rosemary are finalized with the warm and deep aroma of clove bud. This combination of oils come together to wipe away your brain fog. Upon first applying this you will recognize the brightness. As your day goes on you will appreciate the clarity and amazing function of your brain.



-mentally stimulating, improves clarity, memory, focus, concentration, and alertness

-anti inflammatory & analgesic properties effective with nerve, joint, muscular pain

-offers relief from migraines & tension headaches

-antimicrobial, anti nausea, anti anxiety (which can cause brain fog)


-stimulating & soothing, inspires energy and stimulates vitality, anti anxiety

-improves overall brain function, eases mental exhaustion, stimulates the mind, improves alertness, relieves fatigue, encourages clarity & insight, enhances concentration

-analgesic, increases circulation, anti inflammatory, antispasmodic

-antioxidant, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral for overall skin health, and prevention/treatment of acne

-detoxifying & astringent properties reduce pore size & tighten the skin


-anti inflammatory and analgesic properties aid with arthritis & migraines

-aphrodisiac, uplifting, stimulating, and warming

-anti anxiety, emotionally soothing and balancing, anti nausea

-anti oxidant properties boost concentration & short term memory retention 

-stimulates serotonin & dopamine levels

-brightens dull complexion 

Clove Bud

-analgesic, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant, great for muscles, joints, arthritis, and rheumatism

-chemically, aids in cognitive & brain health, memory, learning ability

-mentally stimulating

-anti anxiety

-anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral


Life is fast, and often scattered.  We can use an edge wherever & whenever possible.  Smarty Pants aids in stimulating brain function such as memory, problem solving, and focus.  It also alleviates stresses such as anxiety, depression, and physical pain.  This relief allows our mind to move forward with the task at hand.