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Our Story


I was born with eczema in the 70's. Growing up, my eczema effected my social life, self esteem, and even my ability to look in the mirror. My doctors prescribed oral and topical medicines. Often, these were steroids that were horrible for my entire body. Just as often, I would be allergic to the base of the topical medicines, many of which are known skin irritants.

I knew that there was a safer and more effective method to work with my eczema, and with my skin. After 30+ years of suffering, both with my eczema and with the treatments available, Sun Valley Remedies was born!

Sun Valley is a world renowned year-round Olympic training site. It is also in a high-mountain desert…this is extremely challenging to remain hydrated, both inside & out. I met this challenge with gusto! The carefully selected and tested ingredients, are all nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing.

I hope you enjoy all of the Sun Valley Remedies products as much as I like making them.

My goal is that, through my products I am able to offer some relief for others that are going through what I experienced growing up and as a young woman.

Alison Rosen
owner, creator, solver of most problems

Alison Rosen Owner of Sun Valley Remedies