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Labor Day Body Basket: Large

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Large Body Basket includes:

-a lovely organza sachet filled with organic rose petals & organic lavender. Wonderful to freshen up lingerie drawers, or anywhere.
-2oz Iron It Out (hyaluronic acid serum). It’s time to smooth out the wrinkles you have given her. This is a 1.5-2% serum, using 2 different weights of HA. We can iron out the deep wrinkles from disobeying curfew, as well as the fine lines from being Super Mom.
-2oz Silky Smooth (face lotion with silk peptides & amino acids). Let’s protect that beautiful face of hers. Using 3 different weights of (vegan) silk. This moisturizer seals in all the goodness, protecting her skin from the harsh environment.
-9oz jar of Peace & Happiness Creamy Lotion. This combination of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Lemon are sure to bring a smile back to her face. This is uplifting, calming, and grounding.
-9oz jar of Beach Baby Creamy Lotion. A great blend of Plumeria, Coconut, and Lemongrass will bring the warmth without the hassles of flying to Hawaii.
-lip balm w SPF15. Moms deserve soft lips too.

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