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Energizing - Creamy Lotion

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The spicy & cool smell of Peppermint, along with the deep, sweet, and forgiving aroma of Frankincense, meet up with the zingy, bright and cheeriness of Lemon.  Together these oils create a long-lasting aromatherapy blend that won't quit.  The effects are both strong and mellow.  Try adding this to your morning routine, or to prevent a midday slump.


Mornings are much more fun when met with an inviting aroma.  Our aromatherapy combination is sure to compliment your morning coffee and aid in preventing a midday slump.  Our aromatherapy blend is strong, as well as subtle.  The Peppermint & Lemon will keep you feeling fresh, while the Frankincense works in the background to keep calmness.



-it is the #1 oil used to promote brain focus 

-improves mental function and reduces stress

-combats fatigue, while increasing focus, energy, and stamina

-aids in brightening your overall mood, day, and your life


-stimulates the immune system and promotes cellular health 

-reduces stress and improves function of respiratory system

-anti inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties aid in overall skin health

-the anti inflammatory benefits crossover into the brain, by aiding in memory & focus


 -eases anxiety and depression, and brings positive energy 

-fights exhaustion, and is a powerful mental stimulant

-combats mental fatigue, while increasing efficiency & productivity

-prevents sun damage and reduces wrinkles


Sun Valley Remedies lotions are the only lotion I use. After many years of sun, wind and elements these lotions soothe without being oily. The scents are lovely. My go to is the Energizing… Peace and Happiness…and my very particular hubby with ultra sensitive skin loves the Naked. Thanks Alison for making such clean, effective products! 

Mary Sauersbrey 8/4/23

I discovered your products during the years that my husband and I spent summers in Ketchum and Sun Valley back in 2014 to 2019.  You were selling at the weekly farmer's market.  Your lotion is the only one I found that hydrates my skin in the dry climate of the Northwest.  The product I was using while in Texas would not adequately hydrate my skin while visiting Idaho.  I like that the products are organic and free of chemicals. I have tried a few different scents of the creamy lotion and right now I am using Energizing because the scent is mild yet uplifting for morning application.

Nancy Barnidge 8/15/23

I moved to this area last year and tried all kinds of lotions & moisturizers because it’s so DRY here. Then I found Sun Valley Remedies at the art fair earlier this summer. GAME CHANGER!!! These are awesome!! I don’t use any other kind now! My personal favorite is the Energizing though I have the Winter Blues in my guest bath & get compliments on that as well!
Alison is so easy to work with, she even gives a discount if you bring your container back for a refill!

Now a forever happy customer!
Jill D  11/28/23