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Jojoba "Oils"

Jojoba is one of the most versatile moisturizers found on our planet.  It is hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and has a light nutty (nut-free) aroma.  Our skin is able to absorb Jojoba since it is nearly identical to our bodies own sebaceous glands.  This means that you won't ever feel greasy....even though Jojoba appears and feels like an oil.  

The science behind Jojoba is fascinating.  It is a shrub, and the seeds are pressed to produce the "oil".  Chemically, our body recognizes this oil as its own, and opens up to absorb the nutrients, (rather than closing the pores as a sign of rejection which causes the skin to feel like a Valdez oil spill!)

Jojoba is appropriate for people with eczema, psoriasis, and acne.  It is safe for newborns, pregnant women, and the elderly.  It is great as a sunburn soother, wrinkle relaxer, as well as helps with dandruff.  It will never, in a million years, go rancid.  

Jojoba can be used as a finishing oil for your hair; it can be used as a shaving product to soften the hair follicles as well as an after-shave protectant; Jojoba can be used as your daily all-body moisturizer;  it is great for doing massage and as the carrier oil with aromatherapy.

Needles to say, Jojoba is practical, useful, and a welcome addition to our "arsenal" of body products.