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Winter Blues - Jojoba

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Ylang Ylang is sweet, deep, and seductive.  We combine it with the cheerful, bright, and uplifting fragrance of Sweet Orange.  This aromatherapy blend will dispel the exhaustion we have, when dealing with so many dark, cold, and stormy winter days.  Winter Blues will encourage you to say goodbye to “The Winter Doldrums”!

Upon first applying Winter Blues, the aromatherapy benefits are immediate. Using this will help you enter spring with a bit more pep in your step.


Sweet Orange

-anti depressant, anti anxiety, boosts energy and improves mood 

-anti inflammatory, great for muscular aches & pains

-uplifting, calming, balancing, brings brightness to the soul

-increases positive outlook, self confidence, and self esteem

-improves sleep quality & quantity

Ylang Ylang

-anti depressant, anti anxiety, uplifting, calming, and soothing

-lowers blood pressure and decreases heart rate 

-increases cognitive function

-anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, and aphrodisiac


Wintertime can be exhausting.  Simply because we have less hours of daylight…effecting our hormone levels and colder temperatures…make it tough to fully relax when we are only one step away from bitter weather.  These facts combine with our slower metabolism and general feelings of malaise…and we call this “The Winter Doldrums”.  Our Winter Blues aromatherapy blend is sure to snap you out of it.  Quickly!