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Sista's Citrus - Jojoba

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This is definitely the most uplifting, cheerful and invigorating aromatherapy blend.  We have married 5 essentials oils, and are thrilled to offer you our Sistas Citrus.  The Grapefruit is fresh & bright; the Lime Peel is sharp & deep; the Sweet Orange is familiar & uplifting; the Lemongrass has some spice & zing; and Bergamot is earthy & grounding.  This combination will keep you uplifted, happy, and warm while you skip through your day.

*Its fun to “set the tone for the day” by using this in the morning, and then enjoying a pick-me-up midday so you can coast through your afternoon



-relieves stress and lowers blood pressure to bring peace & calmness

-anti oxidant, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti microbial properties combat acne, boost immune system, and contribute to overall skin health

-spiritually, it encourages feelings of self worth, self love, and personal power

Lime Peel

-is cleansing, purifying, and rejuvenating

-mood elevator, encourages relaxation, and reduces stress

-improves brain function, energizing, anti anxiety, anti depressant,

-anti inflammatory 

Sweet Orange

-anti depressant & anti anxiety

-anti inflammatory, eases joint & muscular aches & pains

-uplifting, calming, balancing, refreshing

-calms the mind to allow peaceful rest


-anti bacterial & anti fungal properties make it great for skin health

-anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, lowers blood pressure

-anti depressant, anti anxiety, relieves stress, calming, uplifting


-anti anxiety, anti depressant, reduces stress,

-serotonin & dopamine trigger

-anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, analgesic properties

-increases collagen production, aids in plaque psoriasis


Upon opening a jar of Sistas Citrus, you’ll find yourself taking a deep breath.  Enjoying the aroma.  And then a smile will creep across your face.  This citrus blend is uplifting, fresh, clean, and while also sweet, sassy, and spicy.  We have carefully selected these 5 essential oils to bring you joy, happiness, lightness of heart, and an overall feeling of cheer.  Friends will comment on a lovely aroma, and will you will be thrilled that it isn’t overpowering.