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Sista's Citrus - Creamy Lotion

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This is definitely the most uplifting, cheerful and invigorating aromatherapy blend.  We have married 5 essentials oils, and are thrilled to offer you our Sistas Citrus.  The Grapefruit is fresh & bright; the Lime Peel is sharp & deep; the Sweet Orange is familiar & uplifting; the Lemongrass has some spice & zing; and Bergamot is earthy & grounding.  This combination will keep you uplifted, happy, and warm while you skip through your day.

*Its fun to “set the tone for the day” by using this in the morning, and then enjoying a pick-me-up midday so you can coast through your afternoon



-relieves stress and lowers blood pressure to bring peace & calmness

-anti oxidant, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti microbial properties combat acne, boost immune system, and contribute to overall skin health

-spiritually, it encourages feelings of self worth, self love, and personal power

Lime Peel

-is cleansing, purifying, and rejuvenating

-mood elevator, encourages relaxation, and reduces stress

-improves brain function, energizing, anti anxiety, anti depressant,

-anti inflammatory 

Sweet Orange

-anti depressant & anti anxiety

-anti inflammatory, eases joint & muscular aches & pains

-uplifting, calming, balancing, refreshing

-calms the mind to allow peaceful rest


-anti bacterial & anti fungal properties make it great for skin health

-anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, lowers blood pressure

-anti depressant, anti anxiety, relieves stress, calming, uplifting


-anti anxiety, anti depressant, reduces stress,

-serotonin & dopamine trigger

-anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, analgesic properties

-increases collagen production, aids in plaque psoriasis


Upon opening a jar of Sistas Citrus, you’ll find yourself taking a deep breath.  Enjoying the aroma.  And then a smile will creep across your face.  This citrus blend is uplifting, fresh, clean, and while also sweet, sassy, and spicy.  We have carefully selected these 5 essential oils to bring you joy, happiness, lightness of heart, and an overall feeling of cheer.  Friends will comment on a lovely aroma, and will you will be thrilled that it isn’t overpowering. 


My first purchase of “sistas citrus" creamy lotion from Sun Valley Remedies was two years ago.  I knew immediately after my first application that this was a quality product.  I’ve tried other lotions since and continue to come back for more of this one.  I love the lightness of the lotion and the slight fragrance.  I just ventured out and purchased the “knots anymore” blend and am looking forward to trying it.  You will detect the love and care that was put into the making of this lotion, and you will love it too!  Thank you Sun Valley Remedies!

JoAnn Booth

Eagle, ID/Seattle, WA 8/21/23