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Knots Anymore (Muscular) - Creamy Lotion

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The deep musky aroma of vetiver, and familiar floral versatility of lavender, are finished with the sharpness of eucalyptus.  The marriage of these 3 essential oils, creates a fabulous analgesic effect for our achy bodies. 



-stimulates circulation and is deeply grounding

-anti spasmodic properties soothe arthritis, joint, and muscle pains

-antioxidant benefits clear the body of toxins & free radicals


-analgesic properties aid in relieving muscular stress, tension, spasms, and pain

-anti inflammatory benefits reduce swelling & improves circulation

-cell regenerating properties decrease recovery times


-the cooling effect reduces muscular pain & inflammation

-analgesic & anti inflammatory properties relieve tired muscles, soothes aches, and reduces swelling

-natural warming ability is soothing  & eases joint pain


Who doesn’t want to feel better?  This fabulous combination of essential oils result in a noticeable analgesic effect. Vetiver carries a deep musky smell, the Eucalyptus has a sharper healing aroma, and our Lavender is versatile with its slightly sweet floral and uplifting fragrance.


This homemade pure lotion cannot be surpassed by any other lotion on the planet.  The men in my office prefer this lotion to their working hands lotion because it relieves the cracks and makes their hands smell good before going home after work!  The women I have bought the knots anymore lotion for say it helps with the knots and tired muscles. For me, the lotion keeps my skin soft, looking beautiful, restores a sense of calmness and relieves knots and tension as well.  I can no longer buy lotions with chemicals that make your skin dry out or make you use more of the product to achieve the desired result; this is the one!  


Dorie Adams 8/22/23