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Knots Anymore (Muscular) - Creamy Lotion

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The deep musky aroma of vetiver, and familiar floral versatility of lavender, are finished with the sharpness of eucalyptus.  The marriage of these 3 essential oils, creates a fabulous analgesic effect for our achy bodies. 



-stimulates circulation and is deeply grounding

-anti spasmodic properties soothe arthritis, joint, and muscle pains

-antioxidant benefits clear the body of toxins & free radicals


-analgesic properties aid in relieving muscular stress, tension, spasms, and pain

-anti inflammatory benefits reduce swelling & improves circulation

-cell regenerating properties decrease recovery times


-the cooling effect reduces muscular pain & inflammation

-analgesic & anti inflammatory properties relieve tired muscles, soothes aches, and reduces swelling

-natural warming ability is soothing  & eases joint pain


Who doesn’t want to feel better?  This fabulous combination of essential oils result in a noticeable analgesic effect. Vetiver carries a deep musky smell, the Eucalyptus has a sharper healing aroma, and our Lavender is versatile with its slightly sweet floral and uplifting fragrance.