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My husband loves the African Black Soap

I first received a container of your 9 oz. Creamy Lotion as a Christmas gift about three years ago. I use it routinely on my legs, arms and hands; now I don't want to be without it! Before finding your products, I never cared to use any lotions since I didn't like the feel of them and I am also sensitive to fragrances due to allergies and asthma; so dry skin was just a normal thing for me. Your lotion feels so good, absorbs into the skin well and the scents are wonderful, they don't bother me at all.
Last June (2019) I was in Hailey visiting family for the high school graduation. While there, I asked my sister-in-law if we could go to your shop so that I could get some more lotion. That is when I bought a bottle of the Black Face Soap for my husband to try.
My husband is an auto mechanic. His face is sensitive and he has had some redness and occasional breakouts due to the automotive supplies that he works with. After just one use of the Black Soap he said, "Order some more, I don't want to run out!". He also uses the Creamy Lotion on his legs because they would itch from being so dry.
I love your unique scents.  And the extra is the best!  Thick, but not too thick.  Your packaging is also really fun.  Beach Baby is my favorite, but I also love sisters Citrus and Chillaxin’!